Wednesday, January 7, 2009

working lu.... yea..

heyhey.. 3 days of staying away frm computer and working... one word. COW! kerja macam lembu...... lol.. the shop is new and its not officially open yet. its opening next week. im working as cashier, but currently coz da shop is new and got lots of work... i dun just do cashier work.. i do other things like packing..weighing, marking, writing, sticking, pricing, lol.. sweat sweat swaet whole da... work 11 hours per day. not including 1 hour rest. i started 2 learn cashier stuff.. not 2 say easy.. everything must do carefully lor... im still learning.. a lot 2 learn.. i find it wuite a stressful job. haha.. and cashier always is da 1 last 2 go cost need 2 count money and clear dis and dat... not da work i expected lor.. well its experience! i take it as a challenge.. yeah!! oh yea.. i work in eu yan sheng. da shop is near pizza hut in ipoh garden~ dun come visit me ya.. coz i cant layan u.. and my boss sure will be looking 1.. i dun wanna get !@#$$%... haha..