Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Just a liltle TOO not over you

maybe im just cant seem to face the truth? who will know...

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

arrrrrrrrrrrrhhh! i screamed!

5 minutes ago there was a COCKROACH on MY BED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I screamed..... macam 'tong zhu' je... !@#$%
my bed is not dirty at all~! how come that !@#$ cockroach is on my bed??!! i wanna change my whole bed. im gonna clean my room tomoro! tomoro will be the BIGGEST GOTONG ROYONG ever!

hmmph!!!!! >.< i really do hate cockroaches.. and yes.. i am afraid of them. i phobia all the insects and wateva animals. arh!!!!! shit.

any pesticides can kill cockroaches 100% effective 1 ar? tell me what brand! i go buy immediately!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

we shud do something while we still can~ agree?

if you have the ability 2 help. Use it. Realise before u regret.

Monday, March 16, 2009


001. Real name → HOO YAN WUN
002. Nickname(s)→ PANDA!
004. Zodiac sign → Cancer
005. Male or female → Female
006. Elementary → wat is dis?
007. Middle School → MGS
008. High School ---MGS
009. College School --> no idea yet
010. Hair color → Black
011. Long or short → Long
012. Loud or Quiet → Quiet
013. Sweats or Jeans → sweats
014. Phone or Camera → Phone
015. Health freak → Not really
016. Drink or Smoke? → Never...
017. Do you have a crush on someone? no
018. Eat or Drink → drink
019. Piercings → no extras~
020. Tattoos → duwan

023. First piercing → 4got la
024. First best friend → damn it i think its him!
025. First award → in standard six! A maths competition...
026. First crush → dun remember
027. First pet → no pets!
028. First big vacation → hoho.. dun hav any big vacation la
030. First big birthday→ duno...

049. Eating → not eating
050. Drinking → my saliva
052. I'm about to → explode
053. Listening to → akon!
054. Plans for today → er er er
055. Waiting for --> my happy day~

058. Want kids? → DEFINATELY NO!
059. Want to get married? → no idea
060. Careers in mind → hohoho.... duno

068. Lips or eyes → eyes
070. Shorter or taller? → Taller...
072. Romantic or spontaneous → romantic
073. Nice stomach or nice arms → arms
074. Sensitive or loud→ sensitive
075. Hook-up or relationship → hook up? haha
076. Trouble maker or hesitant →no no no!

080. Lost glasses/contacts → err... i broke them?
081. Ran away from home → Never
082. Held a gun/knife for self defense → no la
083. Killed somebody → nope
084. Broken someone's heart → yes i did....
085. Been arrested → nono
087. Cried when someone died → yes...

089. Yourself → yes... always
090. Miracles → no
091. Love at first sight → nope
092. Heaven → no
093. Santa Claus → Nope
094 Tooth Fairy --> wat a
095. Kiss on the first date --> its possible

097. Is there one person you want to be with right now → yes
098. Are you seriously happy with where you are in life → yes
099. Do you believe in God? → YES
100. Post as 100 truths and tag 10 people → haha.. i tag no one

opps... how long did i spent for dis?

Friday, March 13, 2009

well... every1 is blogging about their results... so i shud be doing da same thing?

well... hehe.. i think. i get wat i deserved. how much i have done is how much i get. i think its fair~ memang padan muka for me 2 get B4 for accounts. i show no interest in dis subject since i got D in form 4.... lol... wel.. i dun really care too.. im irresponsible right? hoho...

some satisfied, some surprised, some cried, some got no feeling, some dissapointed, some just smiled, some just went crazy. lol... tats wat i see on that day~

and ya.. haven mention bout my result. haha...

maths, eng, physics and chem i got A1s.
add maths, bio, est i got A2,
BM, sejarah and moral got B3, and..
B4 for accounts

okie. now.. er... maybe i shudn get B3 for my BM... haha.. i duno... am i so char in bm? maybe yea... i just gonna accept it. lol.. apa lagi.. life goes on.


Thursday, March 5, 2009

farewell... 2 my frens in eu yan sang

1st of march was my last day in eu yan sang.. me, carmen and ka yee 2 of us left and.. we're gonna go on different ways. haha.. sad~ i decide 2 blog bout it 2day coz i wanna make it a memory. i wanna remember this. this was my first job. first time working, first time getting experience.. get in touch with ppl.. serving ppl.. do cleaning... paper work... being a cashier~ its tough! a lot of work! pheww...

im lucky 2 leave at this time coz they hav changed the system.. that system seems hard 2 handle... well.. nana, good luck to u.. hope u'll will get no problem with dis new system..

and.. about the two guy working in eu yan sang. jason and 'balloon'.. haha.. they're good guys.. and they're bad guys too. they 'scold' people.. but~ like not really scold... they take care of me a lot.. really appreaciate all dis.. thank you very much 2 both of you.. i do feel sad coz.. im not gonna see u guys everyday like i did. u guys make me laugh every single moment. yea... hope u guys do take care of ur health. no eating late and no smoking yea? hmmps~ ur gf will tell u la.. no nid my advice actually. lalala...

and now, 'mr.hong'.. kip working hard ya.. i know u're a smart guy! u're hardworking and u're actually look good. haha.. u're a good guy.. its great 2 know u. next time when we go to karaoke, i wanna hear 'behind' sing!

kayee~ the cute girl? erm... wish ya a happy love life wif ur bf yea? hehe..

carmen~ dis fella is a liltle boyish.. we almost turn 2 lessbians! haha.. just kidding... she's got a bf now. happy now yea carmen? hehe... we'll be frens 4ever. soh po... dun ever steal ppl's food again ya..? i will miss u.. remembering us walking here n there 2 tapao food everyday? its fun. i will miss those days.

marie~ dis girl is beautiful~ she's got nice face. she's very fair. haha.. sumtimes she look like she put on make ups when she's not applying any thing on her face~ cool? haha...

our farewell.... 'balloon' did not attend! >.<

we! one happy family... haha..

jason cheng~ he look like a nerd rite? trust me.. he's not~

i made dis~

carmen did it~ our decorative director? lol..


i think da unbrella is perfect~

our farewell.. steamboat at momo's

on da left, carmen. on da right, wilson, ah hong, and marie

marie and beh beh

wilson taking my picture and im taking his!

well.. tats all da picture i got~ ;p

sweet~ haiz..

So it was their 7th month anniversary and the girl calls her boyfriend:

I love you.

- Boy:
Yeah I know everyone does!


- Boy:
Yeah...everyone of my friends that are girls tell me that everyday.

- Girl:
Oh...but am I only your friend?

- Boy:'re my girlfriend...why?

- Girl:
So when I say I love you I really do mean it.

- Boy:
Yeah I know you do mean it...its just that you dont need to tell me that you love me anymore cuz I know you love me since the day we been together and i love you more each and everyday.

- Girl:

- Boy:
So wanna go somewhere tonight for our 7th month anniversary?

- Girl:

- Boy:
I dont know...maybe movie then dinner?


- Boy:
Ill pick you up after I get off and get ready ok?

- Girl:
Ok. What time do you get off?

- Boy: In 2 hours and then I gotta go home and yeah get ready which takes about 15-20 minutes...

hey...I thought you didnt have work today...

- Boy:
One of my co-workers called in sick.

- Girl:
Oh okay! So sill see you around 7:30 then?

- Boy:
Yeah! and babe?

- Girl:

- Boy:
I love you.

- Girl:
I love you too!

- Boy:
Ok my manager is like looking at me so yeah.... i gotta go.

- Girl:
Ok bye.

- Boy:


2 hours later...

The guy drives to his girlfriends house and walks up to the door and rings the doorbell....

- Girl:
Hey!(gives a kiss to her boyfriend)

- Boy: ready?

- Girl:
Um...wait...let me get my bag and we can go ok?

- Boy:

They both watched a movie and ate dinner...once they were done eating, they headed back to the car but before she got into the car.......

- Boy:
Wait! Can I blindfold you?

- Girl:

- Boy:
Its a surprise.

- Girl:
What kinda surprise??

- Boy:
A big one.

- Girl:
Okay but only if you promise me tat you will hold my hand while we're driving...

- Boy:
I promise.

- Girl:
Ok blindfold me.....

So they drove off.........and then they stopped....

- Boy:
Ok we're here!!


- Boy:
Wait let me walk you to the place!

- Girl:
What place??

- Boy:
Somewhere!(and gives a kiss to her on the lips..)

- Girl:

The boy walks her to the place....

- Boy:
Ok...let me take the blindfold off.

- Girl:
Where are we??

He takes it off her and she opens her eyes and sees the view of the city and at tat same spot....that's where he first asked her to be his girlfriend......

- Girl:
Omg...!(tears come down)

- Boy:
Why are you crying?

- Girl:
This is where you first asked me out...

- Boy:
What are you doing the rest of your life? (he asked on his knees and after he says that...behind the air it says 'Will you marry me?' in fireworks)

- Girl:
(tears come down faster)

- Boy:
I wasnt at work when you called me...I was planning this whole thing!

- Girl:
Get up!

- Boy:

- Girl:
(kisses him)

- Boy:
Is that a yes or a no?

- Girl: