Wednesday, February 25, 2009

eeehhhllllllloooooooo friends!

hahaha... i been so lazy 2 update ma blog le weh.... btw~ im think i fell in love with my working place.. its like my second home~? and i even feel weird and uncomfortable when i have off day or sleep late... ini penyakit apa? i oso duno... shit~ and 1 thing i learn thr is....... lol... i learn how 2 say !@#$% which i dun say 1 lar.. but i do scold ppl in my heart using !@#%$... hohoho... u guys knoiw wats !@#$% lar rite? keke.... i turned 2 be so impure adi~ >.< keke..

now.... i think im gonna miss this place~ EU YAN SANG! my buddies thr... nana, carmen, balloon, jason, kar yee, ah hong~ i'll miss you all lor.... start frm march, me, carmen, kar yee and ah hong will stop liao lu... *bye bye - mariah carey* *cry* :( sadnya... i think im gonna go back 2 my old life... which is rot at home.. macam itu saja gua~ so yam gong....


to my friends which i think i left out for dis 2 months... now in march i got no work~ im gonna go gai gai wif u all lur... FKY, zhiying,JM, maggie, yin kei, and more and more and more..... lalalala.. every1 lar~!

kita ada janji temu leh~

be ready.... to see me~~~ shud i get some liltle presents?