Sunday, January 24, 2010

23rd of january.

its been 4 months.....


in moscow.... in this small block.... in uni.... to me, moscow is not big.

bcoz i dont go a lot of places.. well i been to just a few shopping malls so far. metropolis..... kremlin.. ashan city, mega and ikea and no where else. i been to moscow train station too. its quite nice. makes me think of my hometown train station.. i do miss ipoh. hahaas. but i wonder who misses me in ipoh..

many asked, ' do u miss home?' well... yes.. i miss my brothers kacauing around... and the noisy tv on by my grandfather... my mom's blablabla.. and my dad bring me out to makan..... i miss my grandmother!!! i hope she is healthy... hahaa.... i miss all my school buddies.. khar yee.... sharon... pui san.. maggie... jien may... kaylynn... ohw i miss form 5!!! can i go back?

i miss my working partners too... in eu yan san... it was so fun working over thr. i miss my boss.. miss his scoldings.. haha... EYS gives me the feeling of peace. there was a period when thr were really very very few customers. i remember 1 day... there were 4 trasactions only. that day we work quite hard to find customers... i also miss going out to buy kopi ais for my collegues... haha

however~~ i still love moscow. i no longer hv flus... lol.. if u wan me to stay here forever. i am willing. hhaaaaa. its nice 2 live here, metro everywhere taxi everywhere... i dont have 2 drive! haha.... i love staying together wif a bunch of same age people... we take care of each other. love my group.