Wednesday, January 14, 2009

hohoho~ hows everything? do u feel lonely~~~~

yoyoyo.. how long did i stay away from internet? lol.... u guys all miss me ya? haha... im no longer addicted 2 computer~ coz i got no time for it~ haha.. u know wat! i got sumtin real interesting and real exciting event yesterday! yesterday~ my collegues n me lar~ was like complaining.. 'hai ya!~ why so boring~' den.. coz dun hav customer ma~ so we just stand stand and walk walk.. and look look~ den suddenly~ piak piak piak... we heard sum kind of noise.. den den da lights were like on and off.. macam !@#$%^.. den my boss heard sumtin from outside. he ran out.. he he shouted.. ' off all the swithes!!!!! offffff allll!!!!' den i was at the cashier place. i off everything~ den he shout again.. 'all come out!!!!' den i was shocked lar.. tot wat la~ den we all ran out quickly~ oni 1 fellow still blur blur stay in store room. he came out at last oso la.. we all safe. oh ya~ i didn tell wat actually happen right. actually da wiring outside.. erm.. gt a big wire inside da ceiling.. it was burning and actually like 'pop'ing? sounds just like fireworks~ lol... we all watch how it burst~ just burst a liltle bit~ we all guess its burning inside~ so we called bomba~ we all can just stand there and watch~ i didn video it larh~ haiz... den afta bomba done their work arh.. everything ok adi. we all gotta have big gotong royong~ no electricity for da day.. so we all go home early~ tats da end... 2day... everything back 2 normal.. coz the electricity is available and we just need 2 clean up more than da normal days~