Saturday, May 22, 2010


someone is very proud of you
someone is thinking of you
someone cares about you
someone misses you
someone wants to talk to you
someone wants to be with you
someone is thankful for the support you have provided
someone hopes you aren't in trouble
someone wants you to be happy
someone wants you to find them
someone wants to hold your hand.. so bad
someone wants to give you a gift
someone who think you are a gift
someone admires you
someone would do anything for you, anything...
someone is thinking of you, and smiling
someone wants to protect you
someone wants to be forgiven
someone wants to laugh with you
someone wants to hug you everyday, every night..
someone wants you to hold them in your arms
someone hears a song that reminds them of you
someone is alive because of you
someone believes that you are their soulmate
someone values your advice
someone needs you
someone misses you
someone loves you

who is the SOMEONE you are thinking right now?

Monday, April 12, 2010



这就是学生们的命运。我认为,有很多时候都是靠运气考试。因为很多时候考试都需要背好多好多资料。当你拿到考试题目,你应改一看就懂,你会不会答。 因为如果运气不好,你会得到你不懂的题目,或很难的题目。如果运气好,你会得到你刚翻书看过的,或者很容易的题目。容易和不容易,就看你平时怎样读书。如果上课不打瞌睡,听懂老师讲什么,你自然就会懂,自然就会记得啦。:)如果上课打瞌睡,偷吃东西,发呆,不专心。你配考得好成绩吗?





Tuesday, April 6, 2010

i'm lovin AKON

i post this not because it is a nice song, its because i felt that the song really expressed what i feel.

if u wanna understand, please look at the lyrics.

he is the man who loves me truly and have sacrifice a lot of things for me. he is willing to do anything for me. but i wonder what can i do for him?

Saturday, April 3, 2010

bad. plohar

'plohar' means bad. in russian.

well, i always get it from my russian teacher. so... its very common to us now. lol...
well well well, dis time my control test, i passeeeeeeeed. hehehehe... was so happy cause i didn fail. latin also passed. hey u ppl know that i sucks in language subjects right? hehe.. luckily i have a group of frens which gives me support and teaches me a lot of things. really appreciate them. love themmmmmm. and i have 2 gambateh for more. i wanna get better marks and i will make sure i learn but not just memorizing. hehe ^^ hope 1 day i can speak russian fluently.

for other subjects... bio.... is quite hard. memorizing ability no good. lol... chemistry is alien language to me. >.<>

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

remember this song?

big girls dont cry.

tats what i wanna do

Friday, February 12, 2010

waaa la.

sore throat.!!!



shit shit

tomorrow 8.30 class

shit shit shit.

the end.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

it's nice when...

u fall in love

lying in bed and listen to the rain outside

u found money in your pocket.

talk to someone u like in midnite for hours

laughing with friends

kissing with your love one

someone sent u a card

hugging someone u love

someone gave you chocolates

take a nice walk during cloudy day

there's no lines in the supermarket


Wednesday, February 3, 2010

very very very very touching. trust me


Sunday, January 24, 2010

23rd of january.

its been 4 months.....


in moscow.... in this small block.... in uni.... to me, moscow is not big.

bcoz i dont go a lot of places.. well i been to just a few shopping malls so far. metropolis..... kremlin.. ashan city, mega and ikea and no where else. i been to moscow train station too. its quite nice. makes me think of my hometown train station.. i do miss ipoh. hahaas. but i wonder who misses me in ipoh..

many asked, ' do u miss home?' well... yes.. i miss my brothers kacauing around... and the noisy tv on by my grandfather... my mom's blablabla.. and my dad bring me out to makan..... i miss my grandmother!!! i hope she is healthy... hahaa.... i miss all my school buddies.. khar yee.... sharon... pui san.. maggie... jien may... kaylynn... ohw i miss form 5!!! can i go back?

i miss my working partners too... in eu yan san... it was so fun working over thr. i miss my boss.. miss his scoldings.. haha... EYS gives me the feeling of peace. there was a period when thr were really very very few customers. i remember 1 day... there were 4 trasactions only. that day we work quite hard to find customers... i also miss going out to buy kopi ais for my collegues... haha

however~~ i still love moscow. i no longer hv flus... lol.. if u wan me to stay here forever. i am willing. hhaaaaa. its nice 2 live here, metro everywhere taxi everywhere... i dont have 2 drive! haha.... i love staying together wif a bunch of same age people... we take care of each other. love my group.


Saturday, November 14, 2009

update!! after so long~~~

Park... near the hostel


me~ on my bed

my groupmates~ 2 not there..

me and sook ee during anatomy class~

2 soh lou~~

anatomy class

me and sweet may~

physical exercise~ we 2 having 'rest'..

sports complex~

1 of the classroom~


'yeng'? seldom lo.....

front door~

ming siew~~


kena trapped in the lift~ but still can makan hapily.
view of the hostel block
outside my hostel
dom 39, my hostel
For more photos and updates, please go to my facebook and see~ ;p
Dear friends i miss u. :)