Saturday, September 12, 2009

i like this guy - countdown 3 days to my flight

today~ i was expecting no one. plan to rest and pack my bag again~ lol.. duno how many times i've pack. i took out and pack again~ well i woke up around 9 or 10... haha.. den in the aftanoon receive a call frm my best fren khar yee, so i went out wif her lo.. to jusco... we sat in kfc for so long.. sembang sembang so many things.. ;p hehe... i feel good... like those days in school i can sit in the corridor and sembang wif my mates~ how nice... but now no more lu.. haha i gotta grow up!! although i know i am mature enough~ den at nite went dinner wif family... den yumcha wif KS.. i felt so tired la.. but den when i go back home, i showered den i wana sleep.. i couldn masuk tidur pulak.. u see... here i am on9 blogging. yayayya.. i nid to continue blogging like last time. if not u all will think im missing... zzzZ

and here, such a nice song... i juz heard it in my fren's car!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

;p im gonna fly!!!!

14th september~ 2am!! gonna take this plane and fly away~ lol... haha.. people ask me whether am i ready or not. i tell you, i feel nothing~ lol... maybe i will feel homesick in russia? hmm i hope my friends in ipoh wiull take good care of themselves lo... i dun mind if they dont hav time for me~ i understands~ hehe.. hopefully they remember me when i come back for holiday! lol... oh yeah.. i know i abandon dis blog quite some time d. im so sorry ya~ i will keep myself update on ur blogs ya my frens!