Monday, June 8, 2009

hello frens

lol..... i am blogging ya.... finally... im done with the assignments and now preparing for my last exam here. it will be on the 6th of july. den afta the xam, i shud be back to ipoh and spend time wif family and frens. so kawan kawan.. dont say i didn tell u.... i wanna see all of you. >.< and in aug or sept i'll fly to russia. im going russia 2 study medicine, maybe some of you dint know that i guess. i see now we're all in diff places, some in coll, some in form6, some in matrics.... haiz... its kinda hard 2 meet at 1 time. hmmmm.. sad sad.. i wanna celeb bday with the july babies... yinkei, me and pui san.. who else ar? nyek nyek... opps i cant remember...

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Here i am.

I am fine here. i wanna go back to last time in ipoh when im in form 4. the best year to me ya... 4sc3! haha... with cik lai and my 4ever happy classmates. lol... i do miss that.. and when form 5 i love 5sc2 too.. it was so fun in cik tengku's class. not to 4get miss chong. i really love her teaching way. she'd write the summary for last lesson b4 she starts teaching everytime. she's a very nice teacher. thanks to her i've not much difficulties in chemistry now. and my friends, i love you guys. miss u all la... too bad, i cant go back to ipoh yet. really really wanna see u all and hang out 1 day. i've got assignments with me now. gonna pass up on thursday. after that will be relaxing a bit. haha.... when will i get my sem 1 results????! arhggghh