Tuesday, November 25, 2008

another day has gone.. i duno wat i live for.

live for exam? or study.. or wat.. feel useless lar.. sometimes i do wanna hurt myself and just let myself feel the pain. but i din do anything lar.. coz i need to think of my parents too. noone knows that michelle actually have this kind of thinking.. i guess most ppl will think that im a hapi go lucky person lar.. maybe i am.. i always look calm.. emotionless.. muka sombong.. or very garang? my frens will know that im a crazy person, i change everyday. today im hapi tomoro i sad, morning hapi hapi aftanoon stress up. i always talk non sense in front of my frens, like khar yee said, im very fan wor~ haha... sometimes im super optimistic, sometimes i really think that im useless lar.. i was once a very very negative person.. didn talk much, always murung, no frens.. now much better d lar.. but i still have doubts on myself.. what is the truth of me? when will i know? haha.. the person i love has really dissapointed me very much.. what to do.. need to accept da fact d.. no1 can help me other than myself.


bennyvoon said...

walao! michelle...i feel d same say too...yep...during d spm feel like u...mayb it's becoz we cannot do things tat we like to do other than study...scientificall, stress will lead to depression. tat's y sumtimes we feel so useless although actually we are not...lemme ensure u, michelle, ur NOT FAN ur FUN! see d difference? haha...dun worry to much, just be happy. (^^)

michelle said...

thanx a lot mei ching~ hehe..