Sunday, August 3, 2008

yo yo.. curently listening 2 snoop dog..


yesterday, hmm... woke up at around 8.30am.. den as usual the 1st thing i look for is my spects.. haha... it was on da floor.. x.X i didn get 2 eat because there's no food at home, and i was lazy 2 cook mee... so i juz go 2 tuition....then i had mac'd breakfast 2gether wif vic qi, kasturi and ah soo.. hehe.. den... afta tuition around 12pm. im suppose 2 meet wif sean liew and go cc 2gether.. but tat fella juz send me a sms saying tat he will be half an hour late... i end up waited 2hours there.. luckily i met khai mean and pui kim there. we had a short photo session on our own.. haha... wanna see da photos, please kindly go 2 khaimean's blog.. haha... we were taking pictures but ppl around there is like looking at us like one kind le... haha.. a bit malu... we spend 3 hours in mac'd.. then at around 2.45pm jien may came and join us.. den jienmay had a good time wif sumbody... kekeke... afta tat we continue our tuition class wif mr.loi... tatzit on saturday... at nite didn go out wif family... coz i was tired.. i slept very early.. den wokr up at around 2am... den i read some books.. den sleep again.... zzZZZZ

lala ends~