Monday, June 30, 2008

juz got back from school~

things tat i do when i get home

1. put my bag
2. wask my face wif juz water
3.look for food
4.take my shower
5.cut oranges 2 eat
6.on my pc
7. go on9 msn messenger my fs n check
11. go 2 msn homepage n look for news
12. blog
13. da next thing im gonna do is wash da dish


Sunday, June 29, 2008

michelle's crazy 2day~



my friends!!

puisan- my best friend. there's only food in her mind!

farhana - went 2 hostel d... miss her... but din contact her.. she will be in my heart
susieleen - my sweet fren! frens since form 2!
yinkei - ah kai~~ keke... my class asistant monitor.. 12th unit ranger's leader!
maggieC - band freak!! i start 2 get interested in band bcoz of her..
sharonchin - another band freak!! lol.... she's a good girl~ keke..
kharyee - my deskmate! super hardworking...
maggieY - da smart girl.. she looks like a korean star... keke...
jienmay - hah! the talkative girl~ cute girl~ keke..
khaimean - my ah lui!! hehe...
angeline - my kai mui!! the one and only~
steve - bentan.... hmm... =/
kaylynn - frens since form 1 + classmate.. she's da budak catur~
jason - my korkor~~ hehe...
ngpuisan - my twins!! same b'day!!! yay~~
ahsoo - dai siu jie~ lol~

anyone wan me 2 add u in d list please contact this person~

michelle hoo



arlo arlo!!!

lol..... yea yea~~ i create blog ler now... so u guys dun ask me why i dun blog.. coz im lazy mer~~ lately feel so boring... tatz y i start 2 blog la.. see so many of my frens are blogging.. feel like outdated pulak~~ keke..... by da way... how 2 make da layout 1 ar..? i wanna personalise la.... keke...