Thursday, March 5, 2009

farewell... 2 my frens in eu yan sang

1st of march was my last day in eu yan sang.. me, carmen and ka yee 2 of us left and.. we're gonna go on different ways. haha.. sad~ i decide 2 blog bout it 2day coz i wanna make it a memory. i wanna remember this. this was my first job. first time working, first time getting experience.. get in touch with ppl.. serving ppl.. do cleaning... paper work... being a cashier~ its tough! a lot of work! pheww...

im lucky 2 leave at this time coz they hav changed the system.. that system seems hard 2 handle... well.. nana, good luck to u.. hope u'll will get no problem with dis new system..

and.. about the two guy working in eu yan sang. jason and 'balloon'.. haha.. they're good guys.. and they're bad guys too. they 'scold' people.. but~ like not really scold... they take care of me a lot.. really appreaciate all dis.. thank you very much 2 both of you.. i do feel sad coz.. im not gonna see u guys everyday like i did. u guys make me laugh every single moment. yea... hope u guys do take care of ur health. no eating late and no smoking yea? hmmps~ ur gf will tell u la.. no nid my advice actually. lalala...

and now, 'mr.hong'.. kip working hard ya.. i know u're a smart guy! u're hardworking and u're actually look good. haha.. u're a good guy.. its great 2 know u. next time when we go to karaoke, i wanna hear 'behind' sing!

kayee~ the cute girl? erm... wish ya a happy love life wif ur bf yea? hehe..

carmen~ dis fella is a liltle boyish.. we almost turn 2 lessbians! haha.. just kidding... she's got a bf now. happy now yea carmen? hehe... we'll be frens 4ever. soh po... dun ever steal ppl's food again ya..? i will miss u.. remembering us walking here n there 2 tapao food everyday? its fun. i will miss those days.

marie~ dis girl is beautiful~ she's got nice face. she's very fair. haha.. sumtimes she look like she put on make ups when she's not applying any thing on her face~ cool? haha...

our farewell.... 'balloon' did not attend! >.<

we! one happy family... haha..

jason cheng~ he look like a nerd rite? trust me.. he's not~

i made dis~

carmen did it~ our decorative director? lol..


i think da unbrella is perfect~

our farewell.. steamboat at momo's

on da left, carmen. on da right, wilson, ah hong, and marie

marie and beh beh

wilson taking my picture and im taking his!

well.. tats all da picture i got~ ;p