Sunday, October 5, 2008

ear infection

woke up at 2am~ couldn sleep coz feel like my right ear's gonna explode. hmm. i tot itz juz normal pressure unbalanced. but kinda weird la.... im at home not goin up 2 mountain right. zzz... so i went downstair 2 get some water. sit for awhile like soh poh.. msg wif a sesat fella for a while~ den go bak 2 my room to sleep. tried to sleep but i just cant. my ear was like expanding inside.... hmm... so painful.. but i cant do anything la. just have 2 wait till morning. so, i went 2 the doc.. he said i have ear infection. he gave me antibiotics, pain killers, and ear drop. you know how much? its RM80! zz...


Middle ear infections are one of the most common childhood problems. Let's start by talking about infections. An infection (say: in-fek-shun) happens when germs like bacteria and viruses get inside the body and cause trouble. Germs can get into your ears. The ear is divided into three parts: outer, middle, and inner. When the germs bother your outer ear, it's called swimmer's ear.

The middle ear is a small pocket of air behind the eardrum. You have a middle ear infection when germs get into the middle ear and the area fills up with fluid (or pus), which contains germ-fighting cells. When the pus builds up, your ear starts to feel like a balloon that is ready to pop, which can really hurt.


Between your middle ear and your throat there is a passage called the eustachian (say: yoo-stay-she-un) tube. The eustachian tubes (you have one on each side) keep pressure from building up by letting air move in and out of your middle ear. When you were young, especially before you turned 3, the eustachian tubes were very small and less able to keep germs out.

The eustachian tubes get longer and usually work better in older kids, but they can still cause problems. If you have allergies or catch a cold, the eustachian tubes can get blocked up and let germs get in the middle ear. Then the number of germs can grow inside your middle ear and cause an infection.

You do not catch ear infections from other people, though you might catch a cold that then leads to an ear infection. If you have an ear infection, you might have ear pain, a fever, or trouble hearing. If you have any of these problems, tell your parent so he or she can take you to the doctor.



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