Monday, September 29, 2008

lalala... let's talk about my exam.

now i get the right time and the right mood to blog about the exam. erm erm..

start wif BAHASA MELAYU. the karangan rangsangan.. hmm itz about sektor pertanian. i remember got a few pictures given there, got kelapa sawit, padi, lembu and sumtin~ i didn write my karangan based on the pictures.. waahaha!! coz my tuition teacher told me 2 follow the topic and juz kembangkan. hmm... but im not sure whether i berjaya write a good karangan ler~ haih... the last day b4 holiday. my bm teacher discuss about tat karangan. she said many of us din do well in that part.. :( hope im not one of them lor~ dis time my kertas 2 improved a lot. i think itz bcoz the tatabahasa part is easy~ the rumusan i menurun jor.. last time can get quite high 1 ler.. i better practice more. if i rajin~

okk... ENGLISH! nothing special to talk about. itz just like usual. i always get 'a few marks more to A'. sedih....

MODERN MATHS- nothing special also.. a bit char compare 2 last time. drop a bit ler... but still maintain can get A1. coz pn.normaria said if we dont get A1 she will gantung us.. hahaa...

ADD MATHS- hmm.. no idea wat i will get. coz the paper was not easy. paper 1 was ok to me. but paper 2 ah.. haiyo... do until i berpeluh-peluh...

SEJARAH- im gonna fail sejarah~

BIOLOGY- many ppl got tips for many subjects. but i din receive any sms except for sejarah. hmm... i wonder why no1 forward sms 2 me. i hav bad pr? or are they 'kiasu'? for bio, i just read tru.. i did badly in paper 2~ die die die.

CHEMISTRY- hmm... tat paper 1 was easy to me. but still i made stipid mistakes. for paper 3 ar.. im so geram wif myself. i did the right experiment! but i put in the wrong material. im suppose 2 experiment on the reactivity series of metal wif oxygen. i sendiri tangan gatal go and write out all the metal carbonate.. im stupid.

PHYSICS-forgot how the paper was.. dont wanna think~

PRNSIP PERAKAUNAN- hah! i din know how 2 do 1 question. i think i'll get zero for tat question. zzzz

erm.. apalagi er... EST! - notin special~

last 1~ MORAL - i aimed for A~ huhu~ i wanna get A~~~~ i wan~~~ i wan~~ i wan~~ hmm... i think got 60% i wont get ler.. have sum kind of bad feeling~

see la how teruk my trial~ ish ish. must work hard for the real 1~~~!!! go go go!! michelle boleh! frens if u see me online pls chase me away.. haha.. dun let me online~

dis week holiday i'll be going to penang on wed. go shopping~~ looking for a pair of shoe for grad nite. i alredi bought thew dress... hhmmmm~ dont like shopping ler.. coz very mafan ler. have 2 get the right colour, the right size, the right price! haih.

tatz all la~ lalala